15 Side Business Ideas for Housewives

sildenafilvi.com – The online era now makes it easier for housewives to do business. There are many side business ideas for housewives, which are close to everyday life and of course easy to do. You only need a gadget and internet quota.

Who doesn’t like being able to have their own income and be financially independent? Especially if you have your own income, you can more freely help many people, or at least you can help support your family’s economy. For this reason, in this article we want to share side business ideas for housewives who want to start their own business.

Here are 15 side business ideas for housewives, which are quite close to the daily lives of housewives, easy to do, and most importantly, they have been sorted from those without capital to those that require quite a bit of capital.

1.Become a dropshipper

The first housewife side business idea that you can start without capital is to become a dropshipper. Why? Being a dropshipper only needs to market goods from sellers to consumers. Then the payment for the goods is directly made by the consumer.

So, being a dropshipper, you don’t need to buy goods in advance or provide bailouts to pay for goods. Of course, this business idea for a housewife has very minimal risk.

To be able to do this, you just need to have a gadget, have social media or an account on the marketplace, or to make it even more sophisticated, have your own online catalog website. After that, do your best marketing. Profits will also flow into the dropshipper’s pocket. Really minimal capital, right?

2. Become a freelancer

Freelancers, if interpreted in a simple way, are freelancers. There are many options for becoming a freelancer. There are at least 15 of the most sought-after freelance jobs in Indonesia according to the ekrut.com site, including: business analyst and consultant, voice over, data entry, graphic designer, web designer, digital marketer, content writer, SEO expert, java programmer, editor photos, data scientists, financial planners, influencers, content creators, and financial advisors.

Now finding work for a freelancer is easier thanks to the online era. You can look for it on sites specifically looking for freelance services such as freelancer.com, upwork.com, and others, which offer many opportunities for freelancers. You don’t need capital, as long as you have the expertise and experience in the field you need, of course companies that need freelancers will be willing to pay a premium.

3. Create e-Books

Are you a housewife who likes to write? There are so many ideas milling about in the head. Try making an e-book. From my experience as a housewife alone, I can create various themes, such as: cooking recipes, tips on managing the house, children’s stories, and so on. Then sell through websites, blogs or social media. You can also sell through the marketplace.

4. Turn viewers into a source of income

Do you like to fill your free time by becoming a vlogger or tiktoker? If you regularly upload videos, of course there will be many viewers or followers. Especially if the content is interesting.

Instead of letting the audience just admire your work, make them buy the products you offer. Reflecting on the success he was able to make his audience become buyers of his products as well. Some of the items he sells range from cooking knives to wild honey.

Start listing items your audience or social media followers might need. Maybe they need it and are willing to pay.

5. MLM business model

MLM business aka Multi Level Marketing has long been known, even before the rise of online business. Now online, this one business is easier to do. As a housewife, you only need to be patient to continue to develop your network. Even if your network is large enough, the income you receive can be quite good.

There are many MLM online business models, ranging from beauty products, household equipment, to health support products.

6. Sell goods or food with a pre-order model

So, business ideas for the next housewife start requiring a decent amount of capital, but still minimal risk. This business is by offering pre-order goods or food. With this system, consumers for products can be determined with certainty, including the benefits.

Marketing it is also enough to just show off the goods or food that can be pre-ordered, confirm the time, and accept orders. Once the order is received, place the order and make the sale. Anyway, in the pre-order system, everything is certain. Aren’t mothers happy with certainty?

7. Doing food business

Food is one of the closest things to the life of a housewife. If your cooking is always good and you have a lot of fans, then make it a business and bring in lots of customers. Especially now, homemade products are actually tiresyes fans.

Maximize the role of social media when marketing your food products. The easiest and most affordable is marketing via WhatsApp status as one of your online food selling channels.

8. Fashion Business

Women are never far from the name of fashion. Mothers with contemporary styles always attract attention. For those of you who like fashion, or have a fashion sense that becomes a role model for other mothers, you can start making it a business. Of course, capital will be needed to carry out this one housewife side business idea. However, fashion is always needed, and the profit is always more than 100%. Moreover, now marketing can also be done only via WhatsApp status. While beautifying yourself, also while doing business.

9. Online ornamental plant business

Housewives are generally painstaking and love ornamental plants. Now fans of ornamental plants also continue to increase. If you have lots of ornamental plants, why not start selling them online? You can use websites, blogs, social media, to marketplaces to sell your ornamental plants.

10. Online baby gear business

The next housewife side business idea is selling baby equipment online. Mothers are the ones who know best the needs of their own mothers and babies, so they can provide curation as well as reviews based on experience regarding the needs of mothers and babies. In selling baby equipment online, you can become a dropshipper or reseller.

11. Doing business with various creative work products

Housewives usually also have a lot of creative work, such as: photos, home décor, paintings, to knick-knacks and accessories. Show off all the work on social media! If you bring in lots of people who are interested, then these goods and works can become a business that brings in a lot of money. If you as a housewife like to work, why not start making it a business area?

12. Collecting and selling vintage items

Do you like collecting vintage items? And it turns out that the number continues to grow, until it fills the house? Try doing vintage goods. The benefits are not bad, especially if you already have a subscription. Generally, hotels or cafes with old school themes will need a lot of vintage items. Vintage goods also require certain criteria to be valued quite expensive because the products are not many but they are sought after.

13. Become a reseller

Have enough capital? Becoming a reseller can also be a side business idea for a housewife. Especially now to become a reseller you don’t absolutely have to have a warehouse and showroom or shop. You can do it from home, then sell through the marketplace. Or you can also sell through a sales website.

After having a selling website or account on the marketplace, then you can immediately start doing business. The market reach is also wide, not limited to one area, but it could be overseas.

14. Selling on marketplaces or selling websites

There are so many Marketplaces now, all you have to do is choose which one is most suitable for the items to be sold. But now anything can also be sold on the marketplace. Creating an account is also free.

Not only through the marketplace, you can also create your own selling website, which will make your business better known. Because now is the time to sell directly to consumers, aka Direct-to-Consumer. You can create a selling website through the various available online commerce builders

15. Renting out unused property

Are you a housewife who has a fairly large property, with lots of free space? Or maybe there is an idle property? That is a side business idea for a housewife that is right in front of your eyes. You can make the property make money by:

  • Make it a boarding house
  • Rent it for parking
  • Rent for lodging. You can work with lodging providers such as: AirBnB, OYO, and many others. Working closely with the lodging provider, will be very helpful in terms of marketing.
  • Rent for various purposes.
  • Make the property a moneymaker so it doesn’t become unemployed, dirty, and then quickly damaged.


There are many more housewife side business ideas. Find other business ideas by asking yourself what things or activities are close to your life as a housewife. Come on, start your business immediately! If you doing consistently you’ll get max profit to get succeed.

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