4 Effective Ways to Prevent Online Business Fraud

sildenafilvi.com – In this modern era, entrepreneurs need to learn how to anticipate and prevent online business fraud. Why is that? The reason is, although now there are many benefits for online business, increasingly sophisticated technology is often used by many people to cheat.

This fraud is not only a problem for the buyer, but also for the seller’s business. Fraud itself is quite difficult to stop. This is because the data of fraudsters is almost untraceable in a short time. Luckily, while they can be difficult to end, there are several ways to prevent fraud that online businesses can implement.

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How to Prevent Scams for Online Business

The following are five powerful ways you can follow to prevent fraud in online businesses.

1. Make sure to contact the buyer first

  • As a seller, you need to identify and confirm the buyer’s contact first. This applies especially if they want to do transactions manually.
  • To do this, you can use an application on your smartphone to check the number and name of the prospective buyer.
  • Make sure the numbers and names listed are genuine and do not have a negative track record. This method is quite effective in preventing online business fraud.

2. Deactivate the Cash on Delivery (COD) Feature

  • Currently, almost all marketplaces and e-commerce provide convenience to users with a payment system on the spot or cash on delivery.
  • This system allows buyers to pay for transactions when goods have been received.
  • Even so, gradually this system is widely abused by unscrupulous buyers who are not responsible.
  • When the goods have been received, they even cheat by feeling that they have paid and other reasons that can harm many parties, including the seller.
  • To prevent this from happening, one way you can do as a seller is to disable the cash on delivery feature.
  • Inform the buyer that this must be done in order to prevent fraud cases from occurring.
  • If buyers want to use the COD system, they can transact directly with sellers.

3. Use Marketplaces

The next way to prevent online business fraud is to take advantage of the marketplace.

  • Based on the Ecommerce Association , as many as 4.8 million MSMEs have joined using the marketplace. Marketplace offers convenience and security in transactions.
  • Therefore, the marketplace has been trusted by millions of users to carry out online buying and selling activities. What users trust is security when making payments.
  • Currently, payment systems are also increasingly diverse, ranging from banks to digital wallets provided by marketplaces.
  • As a seller, you don’t need to hesitate anymore because the money will go directly to your account or digital wallet.

4. Ensure Original Transfer Proof

  • The last way that you can apply to prevent online business fraud is to ensure the authenticity of the proof of transfer.
  • This initiative is still often ignored by sellers. In the sense that when they receive proof of transfer, they will immediately start the packaging process.


In fact, there are not a few unscrupulous buyers who carry out this fraudulent method by making fake transfer evidence. With technological sophistication and human intelligence, don’t let the seller let his guard down and end up being deceived. When you first receive proof of transfer from the buyer, the first thing to do is check the account mutation. If the mutation has not been updated, wait 1×24 hours to make sure the order is fictitious or genuine.

Another tip, you can open an account that is commonly used by most people. That way buyers will also be more comfortable, and account mutations can be entered in real time.

Those are the 4 tips that you can follow to prevent online business fraud. Hopefully the tips above can help you reduce fraud, ok!

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