5 Ways to Prevent Online Fraud, Business People Must Know!

sildenafilvi.com – In doing business, there are several risks that business actors must be aware of. One thing that must be anticipated is online fraud. Online business is indeed the most practical and profitable choice in the digital era as it is today. However, of course this still has risks.

Then, how do you prevent online fraud so that the business does not lose until it goes out of business? Check out the following five tips!

1. Expand Your Knowledge

The way to prevent online fraud that can be done by business people is to expand knowledge. Before building a business or company, make sure you have sufficient provisions on how to build brand awareness to anticipate various forms of fraud that can be done online.

  • Currently, online business can indeed be a practical choice for many business sectors. However, do not rule out, technological advances also make criminals expand their knowledge to commit acts of fraud. For this reason, you must have sufficient knowledge regarding fraudulent actions through this digital platform.

2. Give Explanations to Your Business Employees

In addition to accommodating the widest possible knowledge, you also need to share important things with employees. This is done so that employees have an understanding that is at least comparable to yours, especially in terms of fraud that is detrimental to the company. You can provide training to business employees.

  • For example, provide training regarding various forms of fraud such as phishing. Your employees will understand what phishing scams are that can steal important company information, so that later fraudsters will not succeed in tricking your employees through certain approaches.

3. Don’t share important information carelessly

Currently, online business is indeed the choice for most people. Selling and advertising a business via social media is a new way that is considered very effective and inexpensive. However, you need to remember that social media is only used as a medium for business promotion, not to provide important information.

  • Not only business, sharing important personal information on social media can also endanger yourself and the company you have. This will also make it easier for online fraudsters to take advantage of these data. Some important information that you shouldn’t share on social media is your ID card, driver’s license, and bank account books.

4. Always Save Proof of Transaction

Next, you can prevent online fraud by keeping every proof of business transactions. Proof of business transactions is a strong weapon if you later experience online fraud and intend to report it to the authorities. Evidence of this transaction can also be used as material for making financial reports.

  • Examples of proof of transactions that you can save in the era of digital sales are screenshots of conversations with customers, proof of payment submitted by consumers, and proof of delivery of your goods to customers. By keeping proof of every transaction, you can create a healthier and more organized business environment.

5. Use the Payment Link Service

Finally, you can do how to prevent online fraud in your business by using a payment service in the form of a payment link. Payment link is a type of payment method in the form of a link that allows consumers to make payments with a variety of options, ranging from e-wallets, transfers, and so on.

  • This payment method can be a way to prevent online fraud, because every time a payment transaction is completed, you as the business owner will get a notification. So, there is no more mode for consumers saying they have paid when in reality they haven’t.


You can use the five things above as a way to prevent online fraud in business. Running a business is not easy, especially in the digital era like today. You have to consider the various advantages and disadvantages before starting to build a new business.

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