6 Businesses for Housewives with Small Capital

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Being a housewife doesn’t mean you have to stop pursuing your dream of becoming an entrepreneur. With the development of the times, at this time it is possible for housewives to earn income even though they are still at home. One of the business ventures for housewives, especially for those who want to develop a small business, is to start selling.

Even though a business for a housewife, such as trading, sounds trivial, there are times when it is difficult to realize it due to a lack of capital. If you are a housewife who is trying to think of a business for housewives. Here are 6 businesses for housewives with small capital that you can build independently.

Business for Housewives with Small Capital

Even though you are at home, the following are businesses for housewives that are mostly done to increase income but with small capital

1. Become a Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer is one of the first attempts for housewives. In this digital era, writers have a very important role. No need to be surprised, you can see that every website, application and social media content that exists all requires a content writer.

Like speaking, writing is an ability that not everyone has. If you are one of those people with writing skills, be sure to use it as a business for housewives to make extra money.

Especially if you have the ability to write persuasive advertising content and are able to introduce goods well. This ability will be much sought after. If writing skills have been mastered, offer services as a freelance writer. Don’t forget to include your portfolio to convince potential clients. How, are you interested in making writing skills a business for housewives? Moreover, this business for housewives does not require a lot of capital.

2. Making Handicrafts

Just like the previous point, if you have expertise in making handicrafts from existing items so that they can add value to the sale. There’s nothing wrong with trying this business for housewives. Making handicrafts such as souvenirs, parcels, gifts, flower arrangements and others will add to your income coffers.

The main capital for a housewife making handicrafts is her creativity. Creativity will only grow and improve over time if you keep working on it.

3. Open Catering Services

The next business for housewives that has been undertaken recently is opening a catering service. For those of you who have a hobby of cooking, this is a good opportunity to grow your business. By running a business for housewives on this one, you don’t need to think complicated until you are at the stage of opening a restaurant.

You can start by opening a catering service. Serve a heavy food menu for buffet needs such as rice box packages, pastries, cakes and others. Business for housewives by opening a catering service does not require additional costs such as renting a place like a restaurant.

You can use a private kitchen to start a catering business for housewives. To start promoting the business you are currently running, you can offer a mainstay menu through social media and those closest to you. Keep in mind, this business for housewives in the form of catering will require many relationships. Build good communication with clients and raw material suppliers.

4. Become a dropshipper

The next business for housewives is to become a dropshipper. The existence of e-commerce certainly makes it very easy for anyone to start a business even from home. This is also what many people do in starting their trading business by becoming a dropshipper. Dropshipper is a type of business that is carried out by distributing goods from distributors to your consumers. How to become a dropshipper is also very easy, you can see trends in goods that are in great demand and then start offering them to people around you.

By becoming a dropshipper, you don’t have to worry about stock and delivery of goods, because all of that will be done directly by your supplier. Businesses for housewives to become dropshippers are in great demand because they are easy and practical. You just have to look for a reliable supplier at a relatively low price so that the goods you sell can compete in the market.

5. Plant Business

Recently, the minimalist lifestyle has become popular and discussed on social media. One of the most important parts of a minimalist lifestyle is planting plants in the house to make the house fresher and more beautiful. Since then, many merchants have sprung up who sells ornamental plants for home. You can take advantage of this opportunity as a business for housewives with small capital.

If you are a plant lover, there is nothing wrong with making this a venture for housewives. You can sell ornamental plants that are currently popular, such as aloe vera. Apart from selling in retail, you can also sell in bulk for home or office decorations. This business for housewives is relatively easy and does not require a lot of capital considering that some ornamental plant seeds are easy to obtain at low prices.

6. Open a Home Study Course or Guidance

With knowledge that has been owned since school or college, it can be an initial business capital for housewives. This is a business for housewives that is fairly easy and doesn’t require a lot of capital. Especially if you remember that the needs of a tutor are increasing every day. There are many children who need tutoring in some subjects that are difficult to master.

Two subjects that are often an obstacle for children are mathematics and English. If you have more abilities in math and English, there’s nothing wrong with starting tutoring or courses in this subject. One of these businesses for housewives won’t take up much time, so you don’t need to be afraid of neglecting household chores.


Those are 6 businesses for housewives with small capital that you can run without neglecting family matters. If your business for housewives shows progress, you can expand your business and help other housewives to earn income. By becoming a business actor for housewives, you can start saving and fulfill all your needs, including starting to invest small.

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