6 Ways to Prevent and Report Online Fraud

sildenafilvi.com – Entering the digital era, people often carry out activities via the internet. As is known, the internet has become a domain that has given birth to new patterns of crime known as online fraud or cyber crime.

In general, the goal of online fraud perpetrators is to break into and steal personal data. It can be in the form of a PIN, OTP code, credit card number, credit card CVV/CVC number, card expiration date, and so on. These data are their target, so they can hack or take over your personal account or financial account.

perpetrators of online fraud now have many ways and methods to commit fraud. For example phishing, where perpetrators lure victims to provide sensitive data for free. Phishing is usually carried out using various media and intermediaries, such as e-mail, SMS, to direct telephone calls.

There are also other online fraud methods, namely fake accounts on social media platforms, where perpetrators falsify official bank accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and so on. The goal is still the same, namely to get the victim’s confidential data that is used to break into the victim’s account.

  • How to prevent and report online fraud

1. Not easy to believe

If you receive a message saying that you have won a lottery program, confirm again by calling the bank or company’s call center. Check whether you are really running a lottery program or not.

Apart from that, you also need to pay attention to the contact name and conversation style of the sender of the message. If in doubt, it’s best to just block the contact

2. Check the Financial Services Authority’s

If you get an offer to invest in a company, it’s a good idea to ask an expert or financial and investment expert first. You can also check financial products with the Financial Services Authority’s customer service before deciding to take part in the investment offer.

3. Report to the authorities

This is one of the best ways to report the best online fraudulent acts to the authorities. Go to the nearest police station, then enter the Integrated Police Service Center, then make a report. Please note that you must prepare several files, such as evidence of conversations and transactions with perpetrators, to proof of financial transactions.

4. Make a report on the report.go.id site

Lapor.go.id is an official website developed by the government as a means for the public to make complaints and convey their aspirations. The procedure is not that complicated, you can report the cases you experience. Usually, it takes 3-5 days for the Report site to process the complaint.

5. Report through the bank’s call center

Every act of online fraud will lead to financial data, so immediately secure the account by reporting it to the bank’s call center. Each bank has its own call center number, you need to know the call center number of the bank you are using.

6. Report through the bank’s contact center application

There are several banks that have official contact center applications. Online fraud or cyber crime has been declared a criminal act that can be punished under the ITE Law. Every country has created a legal basis and ways to report online fraud to protect its citizens. That’s about the discussion about preventing and reporting online fraud.

  • Conclusion

As an internet user, you are required to be aware of this kind of thing, by knowing the various types of online fraud and how to report them. By educating yourself and company staff will be very helpful to prevent fraud from occurring in your business. Useful information like this is recommended to be shared with your relatives and friends or your business partners.

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