8 Online Businesses for Housewives, You Can Do It!

sildenafilvi.com – Do you know? Nowadays, there are lots of online businesses managed by housewives. Yes, in fact there are various online businesses for housewives.

Not specifically for housewives, but this online business is indeed considered as a suitable business to become an online business for housewives. In modern times like today, society has understood that men and women have different rights and responsibilities but have the same opportunity to maximize their potential.

Even in economic affairs, women can be on an equal footing with men to participate in earning income which will add to their coffers. -the desired income coffers each month. For housewives, being an online business can be a separate choice, especially if you have children without a nanny. You can imagine that an online business will give you more space to do everything. Having a career in the world of work while taking care of the household and children is a difficult job to do simultaneously.

Some women will choose to be housewives and then leave their jobs. But there are also those who choose to keep working to earn useful income to meet their needs. For women who are used to working, they will definitely feel bored if there is free time at home, starting from there, then the free time they have is used to do a home business that can make money.

Here are some online business ideas that can be used as a business for housewives:

1. Food Business

A housewife will definitely have cooking skills. Therefore these skills can be maximized by making staple foods or snacks that can be sold online with premium packaging. For those who are confused about how to get capital for a food business, you can borrow first from a loan cooperative with the nominal amount needed. Furthermore, installments can be paid using the business profits.

2. Home Spa Business

It’s no longer a secret that all women want to look beautiful every day so they are willing to do any treatment that can support their appearance. Of course, seeing this phenomenon, you should be a housewife who also likes to do treatments to open a home spa.

  • Take advantage of the empty part of your house as a spa.
  • It doesn’t have to be fancy, but you have to design it uniquely so you can attract customers.
  • Make a spa concept using local ingredients that are efficacious and natural such as fruits, coffee, green tea and so on.

3. Fashion Business

If you can’t make your own brand yet, there’s nothing wrong with becoming a dropshipper or reseller first so that profits can be obtained with the minimum capital spent. The existence of fashion as a business will not provide many risks where fashion will be in great demand and will continue to grow from year to year.

If the capital is sufficient, then you can immediately buy products in large quantities or make your own with a personal brand that can be marketed under the name you want. This will certainly be a matter of pride for women

4. Baby Equipment Business

There are lots of baby equipment ranging from clothes, cutlery, toiletries, and so on that can be used as a profitable business. Join other women who have babies or children so that the opportunity to sell becomes bigger and more profitable.

5. Plants and Ornamental Plants Business

As many people say, business starts with hobbies and preferences. Every housewife loves ornamental plants and they can make this a profitable business opportunity.

  • You can develop it by doing flower or medicinal plant nurseries around your own yard.
  • The marketing system is quite easy.
  • You can promote it first to your neighbors and friends.
  • Another alternative is that you can use the internet as the most effective promotional medium to bring in consumers.
  • Participating in ornamental plant exhibitions that are often held is also a way to market the ornamental plants that you sell.

6. Handicraft Business, Online Business for Housewives

If you like doing activities such as knitting, making crafts or arranging flowers, then try to take advantage of your special skills to generate promising profits.

You can further expand the tub chat via the internet that has been previously obtained. Use leftover materials such as flannel and patchwork that are easily found around you to become quality items that have a very high selling value.


  • Because online sales can be done using a cell phone, women or housewives can check the occasional order that enters their cell phone.
  • You can also take advantage of e-commerce platforms, social media or maybe a business website.
  • If you already have an order, you can make deliveries and so on.
  • If the business is growing rapidly, there’s nothing wrong with recruiting employees who are in charge of shipping and packing or receiving orders.


As a housewife, the needs of the children and the house remain a priority and must come first before doing other work. Even though it is carried out online and used as a side business, promotions and strategies are still needed so that the business can run well.

Maximizing social media and asking your husband for help can be the best way because your husband’s support is also needed so that you can work in synergy and be able to market your products to the maximum for maximum profit as well.

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