What to Do If You Become a Victim of Business Online Fraud?

sildenafilvi.com – During the new normal era, people are asked to be more careful about cyber crimes, such as online transaction fraud.

Generally, cybercriminals will take advantage of their potential victims’ negligence in order to request a verification code, including One Time Password (OTP) to then make transactions illegally.

In an educational video content released on July 10, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics provides a number of tips for you to avoid online fraud and steps to take when you are tricked by criminals, see the following tips.


Remember, the OTP code is just like your house key. In fact, those acting on behalf of an institution should and should not ask for an OTP code.

Ministry of Communication and Informatics urges the public to be vigilant if someone requests an OTP code via email, chat application, telephone or SMS from those who claim to be an official institution.

Apart from that, Ministry of Communication and Informatics also warned the public to always be aware of fake or phishing sites and fraud by using the call forwarding feature.

“Reject if someone asks you to press *code* a replacement number. It could be fraud using the call forwarding feature to send your phone and SMS data to the perpetrator,” Ministry of Communication and Informatics advised.

Keep in mind that criminals will try in various ways to obtain your secret OTP code, both through social engineering and hacking as a means to exploit electronic money or money stored in your m-Banking.


Investment is one of the activities that needs to be done to prepare financial readiness in the future. However, the public and potential investors need to be vigilant in selecting and using the offered investment products.

The following tips need to be considered to avoid investment fraud:

  • Do not be quickly tempted by promises of unreasonable profits (for example, such as promising a profit rate that far exceeds the results of commercial bank interest rates and even promised not to lose money).
  • Make sure that the person/company making the investment offer has a license according to its designation from one of the authorized institutions such as: Bank , the Financial Services Authority, and the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs.

Example :

  1. If you are going to offer securities (securities) or banking products, the company must have a business license from the Financial Services Authority. Likewise with the products it offers, it must be registered with the Financial Services Authority.
  2. If you are going to offer commodity futures products (such as forex), then the company and its products must have a business license and be registered at Ministry of Trade
  3. If you are going to offer cooperative products, the company must have a business license and be registered with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs.
  4. The Trade Business License (SIUP) is not a license to collect public funds and manage investments.
  5. Immediately report to the Police or the Secretariat of the Investment Alert Task Force if you find out that there are offers to raise funds and manage investments that are illegal or suspicious.

What if you’ve been scammed?

Ministry of Communication and Informatics first recommendation is to immediately contact the relevant electronic money or m-banking application call center for complaints and resolution.


Report also to the competent authorities to complete reporting and further investigation. You can report it to the Police, Bank, the Financial Services Authority and other relevant agencies. If there are unknown transactions in your account, contact the bank’s call center to ask the bank to block your account. Then go to the bank counter to get further solutions.

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